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Small-group workshops are offered as part of a themed series, in varying lengths and formats (from 45 minutes to half day). Facilitated discussions include partner/breakout sessions, group dialogue, and PDF presentation. Themes include Personal Growth, Career/Life Change, and Wellness Journey. Contact Vicki Moulton Life Coaching for more information. Upcoming workshops will appear on the Events page.

Great Escape: Breaking Free of Old Patterns

Self-reflection exercises and small-group discussion designed to uncover unhelpful behavior patterns and shift toward positive habit-forming. Goal: create a 3-step action plan.

Balancing Act

Work-life balance presentation/discussion, focusing on small changes and concrete examples of how to achieve a better balance, using some key productivity and happiness stats to persuade and sharing stories of success and not-success for clarity & motivation.

Confidently Changing Direction

Exploring how to take a chance on something new, either a new career or a big life change, such as starting a new business or making a career shift, believing that you know enough to move forward, building confidence for elevator pitches and personal networking.

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